Diving in Rostock

The Diving Club Rostock

A warm welcome to all participants...

The way to become a European Champion starts for divers at the age of about six years. It takes some time to control the different somersaults and vertical spins and that is why the WSC Rostock offers a broad young talent section. Over hundreds of athletes between five and eleven years train one to four times a week in the diving pool of the Neptun swimminghall. The access to this form of sport is arranged barely by the diving-club Rostock by offering a swim class and a weekly taster course in diving. A great number of voluntary trainers accompany the first dives of the preschool children. The training proceeds playfully and facilitates the basics of the art of diving. Later on full-time coaches instruct the exercises. With every year of training new dives and requirements join in. The feet-line up dives are complemented with head-line up dives, the headers are complemented with somersaults, the somersaults are complemented with one and a half time somersaults and so on. Except to the water dives, the kids also train on the trampoline, practice handstands, somersaults and flips on the acrobatic- track, they strengthen their muscles in hover hang and with push ups, they play football or basketball.
Diving not only requires a versatile training but also courage, discipline and ambition. Not every child wants to become a top athlete and that is why the WSC Rostock also offers a training in mass sports for everyone, who just want to feature with fun. All together will sure be on the terrace this summer and cheer this years´European Champions in Rostock- here in the Neptun swimhall.

Interested kids between 5 and 8 years can join our taster course every Friday from 16.46 h till 17.45 h. Simone Pietsch greets everyone, whether swimmer or not-swimmer, in the lower gym in the Neptun swimming hall for the taster course. On the trampoline, in the foam rubber pit or while doing gymnastics everyone can find out if this aesthetic sports is something for him!
Just put a short training pants, a t-shirt and something to drink into your training bag and join us!! We are looking forward to see you!

More information: 0381 - 80 83 381 or www.wsc-rostock.de
Questions are also kindly answered via mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

...of the Arena European Championships 2015 by the Diving Club Rostock


58th International Divers Day in Rostock

58. Internationaler Springertag Rostock by Maik Steinhagen on Vimeo.


Eurawassercup 2013

Eurawassercup Rostock by Maik Steinhagen on Vimeo.

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