Reception of Rostock’s Lord Mayor on the River Warnow

Rostock (LEN) – Representatives of all 19 nations participating in the Arena European Championships Diving as well as of the European Swimming Federation, LEN, enjoyed a cruise on the River Warnow on Thursday evening. Upon invitation by the city of Rostock and its Lord Mayor Roland Mehling, the cruise liner “Rostock 7“ took the guests from the city harbor right to Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea

On behalf of the Lord Mayor Steffen Bockhahn, the Rostock Senator for youth, social affairs, health, school and sports, welcomed the guests, among them also sponsors’ representatives and diving experts. “We deliberately put you on the water – this is the element you know all about,” Bockhahn said.

On behalf of LEN, Bureau-Liaison Andriy Vlaskov (Ukraine) and Georgia Fyrigou-Consolo (Greece), Chairwomen of the Technical Committee Diving, expressed their thanks to the city of Rostock, the German Swimming Federation, DSV, and the Organizing Committee for hosting the championships. On the way back Hermann Gall, member of the OC, performed tunes and sailor songs with his guitar.