Matthieu Rosset’s “Golden Days” in Rostock – France celebrates 25th European medal

Rostock (LEN) – Matthieu Rosset claimed his second top podium result at the Arena European Diving Championships in Rostock on Wednesday. Only 24 hours after his success in the non-Olympic 1m springboard event, the French diver took the gold medal in the 3m springboard, collecting a total of 476.70 points. Thanks to this victory Rosset also earned a quota place for France at the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Russia’s Evgeny Kuznetsov (467.60 points) and Ilya Zakharov (451.85) claimed the silver and bronze medal, respectively. Both were greatly disappointed. Defending champion Patrick Hausding of Germany “only” earned a fifth-place result, collecting 432.45 points. “Going into the last dive I knew I had to perform a perfect one. This is why I was a bit nervous,” a very happy Rosset explained. At the same time, his gold medal is the 25th medal in diving for France at European Championships since 1926.Adidas shoes | Nike Dunk Low Coast UNCL - Grailify

Russia defends title in the women’s synchronized 10m platform

The two young Russian divers Yulia Timoshinina and Ekateria Petukhova won the synchronized 10m platform event with a total of 319.20 points and successfully defended their title. Georgia Ward and Robyn Birch of Great Britain, young talented divers, claimed the silver medal (310.74 points) while Hungary’s Villö Kormos and Zsofia Reisinger were able to confirm their third-place result (291.72) from last year in Berlin.

After having claimed a silver medal in the Team Event Germany’s Patrick Hausding will have the chance to take another medal in the synchronized 3m springboard event on Friday. Last year, Hausding earned a second-place result in the synchro 3m together with his partner Stephan Feck while Russia’s llya Zakharov and Evgeny Kuznetsov made the top spot of the podium. Both pairs are among the top favorites in this event in Rostock. Zakharov-Kuznetsov, however, took the title at the past four Europeans.

Tania Cagnotto of Italy might be ahead of her sixth 1m springboard title. It would be her 15th European gold medal. Cagnotto’s medal collection at European Championships since 2002 comprises a total of 22 medals. Her strongest competitors on Friday are, among others, Nadezhda Bazhina of Russia, who already claimed the gold medal in the Team Event in Rostock, and Ukraine’s Olena Fedorova.

Medal table (after 5 of 11 competitions)

1        Russia                            2        2        1               5

2        France                           2        1        0               3

3        Ukraine                         1        0        2               3

4        Germany                       0        1        0               1

          Great Britain                 0        1        0               1

6        Italy                               0        0        1               1

          Hungary                        0        0        1               1

          Total                             5        5        5             15

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