Gold: Iuliia Prokopchuk, UKR – 327.50

Iuliia Prokopchuk: “I was very nervous, especially ahead of the last dive. I knew I had to deliver a really good dive because it was a close competition. I’ve still got difficulties to believe in my victory.”AIR MAX PLUS

Silber: Laura Marino, FRA – 323.60

Laura Marino: “I’m disappointed. The gold medal was in reach today. But then I was a bit tired. But in order to win here you would have had to give it a 200 per-cent. And this is where I failed today.”

Bronze: Noemi Batki, ITA – 323.30

Noemi Batki: ”It was a tough competition for all of us with a close result in the end. After all, a quota place for the Olympic Games next year was at stake. Perhaps I was a bit tired, too.”